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August 5, 2013


A model-by-model price comparison of our top selling 245/45R18 tires lined up against our largest competitors. Click Here for more information.


At Tires Etc, we regularly price shop our largest competitors on 1000+ of our top selling tires. It's one of the most important tasks we perform to make sure we're bringing you the lowest price out there on over 90% of the tires we sell.

We are now making the results of our price shopping available to you, our valued customers, to show that we don't just claim to have the most competitive prices in the area, we stand behind it.

*Check the upper right corner of this page for the date of last update. Prices only guaranteed accurate at time of update.


Indicates the most recent date this size was updated. Prices only guaranteed accurate at time of update.

We don't use any bots, scrapers, or other automated and potentially inaccurate means to do our price shopping. It's all done manually by actual human beings. For 1000+ tires that can take a while.

We price shop regularly on a rolling size-by-size basis, but for any one given size there's a possibility of a few weeks lag time between updates.


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*Tire Rack w/ Shipping
As an online only retailer, shipping is mandatory when purchasing tires through Tire Rack. Therefore, the true cost of the tire can't be known until shipping has been factored in. For this page we have calculated shipping using Tire Rack's own shipping calculator. We've taken the total cost of delivering a set of four (4) of those tires to our Springfield location's zip code (19018), dividing that number by four, and adding it to the cost of the tire. Total cost with shipping may vary depending on location and order quantity.

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