Consumer Reports Highest Rated Tires

All Season Truck

Rank Tire Price Warranty Specials & Extras
70,000 Miles  
CrossContact LX20
70,000 Miles  
Latitude Tour
& Latitude Tour HP
55,000 Miles  
Grabber HTS
45,000 Miles  
Wrangler SR-A
50,000 Miles  
Dueler H/L Alenza
65,000 Miles  
Long Trail T/A Tour
60,000 Miles  

Established in 1936, Consumer Reports is the world's largest and most trusted independent product testing agency. With their state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and a payroll consisting of some of the world's top scientists and researchers, they perform a variety of tests on an absolutely mind-blowing array of common consumer products, looking for markers of safety, quality, and reliability. They then publish the results of this testing to their over 7 million subscribers between their print magazine and website.

Their success comes both from their decades of product testing experience, and from a model of ethics to which they stringently ahere. They sell no advertising space, accept no free product samples, and enter into no kind of business relationships with manufacturers. They acquire all of the products they test through the use of secret shoppers to ensure that they are receiving the same products at the same retail prices that any ordinary consumer would receive.

Here at Tires Etc we are big fans of Consumer Reports, faithfully renewing our subscription at every turn, for one obvious reason...their tire ratings. Among the enormous assortment of products that they test, tires are one of the most prolific. As a tire retailer, we are very interested in these rankings. As a tire consumer, you should be too. That's why we have put this page together, to give you a glimpse at how some of our best selling tires fair when tested by the Tire Testing Authority. For the full picture, along with vaulable insights on countless other products, we'd highly recommend a subscription.